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MR4 ACTIVet Portable Laser
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Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet™ gets you back in the game faster by treating conditions with more power and flexibility. And it’s portable!

Portable Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

The MR4 ACTIVet portable laser therapy device is an exciting and effective addition to the MR4 product line

  • 6 treatment programs
  • Combines blue and red light to treat more conditions
  • Use red or blue alone or pulse intermittently via 6 settings
  • Easy-to-use protocols
  • Portable with up to 8 hours of power (ideal for treatments in-the-field or sporting events)
  • Ideal for sporting events, pre- and post-game therapy
  • Offered at an affordable price with ROI in less than 90 days
  • Over 400,000 Multi Radiance Medical devices are in use globally

In one device, you get:

  • 470nm blue light
  • 640nm red light
  • 870nm infrared
  • 905nm super pulsed
  • Management of chronic and acute pain
  • Improvement of flexibility and stamina
  • Accelerated healing, faster recovery
  • Over 300 treatment protocols available globally
  • FDA clearance
  • Affordable super pulsed laser power
  • Success with recreational, college and professional athletes
  • Studies indicate that blue light therapy helps control MRSA

The MR4 ACTIV is available with OPTIONAL accessories

Acupuncture-Muscle Trigger Probes

This probes allow you to treat smaller areas and target neuromuscular points, expanding the versatility, efficacy and value of the MR4 ACTIVet


Effective and more versatile

25,000 mW of power (greater then most Class VI lasers with a higher degree of safety) and 6 treatment programs that can be used in combination.


Light portable 8 hour rechargeable battery

Multiple Treatment Modes

Preset, LaserSweep™ program

Pulsing Red and Blue Radiances

Allows you to treat even more conditions.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Non-invasive and natural.